Small Filter Press

Designed to optimize performance and reduce labor, small filter presses feature modular air hydraulics, self-compensating closure systems, filter plate and cake thickness options for versatile performance, manual or semi-automatic plate movement to minimize labor requirements, and optional pump control systems to provide process automation. Provides an economical solution for small-scale dewatering operations.

The small filter press is designed for low to medium throughput flow rates. It has ergonomic features that make this filter press very easy to use and maintain. This design also reduces the number of pinch points and increases safety.


Filter plate sizes commonly used for small and medium capacity filter presses are 470 mm, 630 mm and 800 mm. Full range of capacities from 320mm to 800mm.


  • The best dewatering solution for low to medium volume needs
  • Semi-automatic plate changing, labor saving and safety
  • Automatic pump control
  • Superior paint system for the highest level of corrosion protection

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