Wastewater Screen

Wastewater screening is the first operation of a wastewater treatment plant. The screening process is designed to remove medium to large non-biodegradable solids, such as rags, plastics, cans and wood, that often enter the wastewater treatment plant.

Efficient solids removal protects the downstream treatment process and prevents any possible damage, unnecessary wear and tear and pipe clogging. Wastewater screens are the optimal product solution and are available in coarse screen, fine screen and micro screen sizes according to the size of the screen holes.

KUOSI is a manufacturer and supplier of wastewater screens. Depending on the channel size and the expected entry screening and debris load, we can provide the best solution for your entrance engineering.



A bar screen is a filter that removes large volumes of solids from wastewater. It is a coarse filter that removes rags, plastics, paper, etc. from any water.

Any wastewater treatment plant requires wastewater screens for bulk solid material removal.

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