Lab Filter Press

The difference between a laboratory filter press and a conventional filter press is minimal. The basic architecture, working principle and process technology are identical. Due to their size and the accompanying simple handling, they were developed specifically for test filtration and laboratory analysis. The size of the filter presses usually requires laboratory or pilot testing. This allows to evaluate the filtration characteristics of the feed media and to collect design data.

Laboratory plate and frame filter presses can be used for cake recovery, low solids recovery from precipitation, or clarification. The filter press requires a feed pump, and the appropriate air-operated diaphragm pump is selected based on the characteristics of the slurry being conveyed.

How does a lab filter press work?

Mobile laboratory filter presses are very close in construction and working principle to conventional plate and frame filter presses. The difference is that the laboratory filter press was developed specifically for test filtration and laboratory analysis.

When the properties and filtration performance of the fluid to be filtered are unknown and preliminary tests are required before determining the best type of machine, the use of a small laboratory filter press as a pilot filtration plant is a good solution.

On this machine, as many filtration tests can be performed as needed, changing all the variables involved.
By using a laboratory filter press, all necessary parameters can be easily determined.

The use of a miniature laboratory filter press is also aimed at investigating new ways of treating the fluid to be filtered, for which it is necessary to use a filtration station capable of utilizing all the accessories available on industrial-scale machines.

On the basis of the experimental results obtained, the filtration performance of the suspension was evaluated and representative results were transferred to industrial scale by means of conventional production filter presses. These units are not only suitable for laboratory or R&D departments, but also for companies with very small production volumes.


  • Adaptable to various process requirements and specific customer requirements
  • Use of application-specific filter cloths to achieve meaningful filtration results
  • Supply unit with feed pump, manual hydraulic pump and complete piping system for quick and easy operation
  • Convenient design and flexible positioning of the laboratory filter press, which can be operated by mounting the entire assembly on a mobile cart

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