Chain And Flight Scraper

Chain and flight scraper is a kind of equipment used for sludge deposition at the bottom of sedimentation tank. It consists of a set of chain, scraper and driving device. The chain rotates around the bottom of the sedimentation tank and the scraper scrapes the sludge to the sludge collection tank.

Working principle

Chain scraper is mainly composed of frame, scraper, sprocket, bearing, tank, skimming mechanism, driving device and other components. The work is mainly based on the transmission effect of the chain. The motor drives the chain wheel to rotate, which in turn drives the chain and scraper to circulate movement. Under the traction of the chain, the scraper will scrape the sludge from the bottom of the pool or the water surface to the center of the machine. At the same time, the hydraulic flushing system will flush the scum in the sludge into the skimming mechanism, through which the scum will be separated out. Finally, the treated sludge is transported to the designated location.


  • Efficient sludge treatment: chain scraper can quickly scrape the sludge to the center of the machine, and separate the dregs in the sludge through hydraulic flushing and skimming mechanism to improve the efficiency of sludge treatment.
  • Simple structure, easy maintenance: the structural design of chain scraper is relatively simple, easy to maintain and repair, which reduces the operation cost.
  • Simple operation: the equipment does not require much technical support, the operator can easily master its operation method.
  • Wide adaptability: chain scraper can be applied in various different sludge treatment occasions to meet the sludge treatment needs of different industries.


Chain scraper is usually installed in the sedimentation tank of sewage treatment plant, which is used to scrape and collect the sludge settled at the bottom of the tank into the hopper at the bottom of the tank and discharged through the pipeline. In addition, it can also be used in other places where sludge needs to be treated, such as chemical plants, food processing plants and so on.

Selection of chain scraper system

  • For small sedimentation tank, you can choose monorail chain scraper. Monorail chain scraper has simple structure, cheap price and easy maintenance.
  • For large sedimentation tanks, you can choose double-track chain scraper. Double-track chain scraper has good stability and large processing capacity.
  • For sedimentation tanks with high sludge concentration, you can choose heavy-duty chain scraper. Heavy-duty chain scraper has strong driving ability and can effectively scrape off high concentration sludge.
  • For sedimentation tank with high sludge viscosity, you can choose chain scraper with mixing device. The mixing device can reduce the sludge viscosity and improve the scraping efficiency.
  • For the complex shape of the sedimentation tank, you can choose the shaped chain scraper. The shaped chain scraper can be customized according to the shape of the sedimentation tank to ensure the scraping effect.


  • Regularly check the wear and tear of the chain, scraper and drive unit and replace or repair them in time.
  • Clean the sludge in the sludge collecting tank regularly.
  • Regularly check the electrical control system to ensure its normal operation.

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