Coarse Screen

Coarse screens consist of parallel bars or rods, also known as bar screens. They have transparent openings ranging from 6 to 150 mm. It is used to remove coarse solids such as rags, branches and rocks from untreated wastewater by interception (surface filtration). The mechanically cleaned coarse screen increases efficiency and reduces problems in the wastewater treatment process.

From drain waste to sewer waste, coarse screens need to be designed and manufactured with a high degree of durability to avoid costly repairs to grates, tracks and drive systems.

Our wastewater treatment coarse screening equipment includes perforated plate band & belt screen, multi rake bar screen, chain driven screen, catenary bar screen and step screen.

KUOSI is a manufacturer and supplier of coarse screens. Our coarse screens feature a robust design with multiple models, reinforced structural supports and larger grid openings to easily remove large debris from the waste stream. Contact us for a screening solution or equipment quote.



The coarse screen consists of parallel bars or wires, wire mesh or perforated plates, usually with round or rectangular openings. It is therefore also known as a “bar screen” and is used to remove coarse solids such as rags, plastics and large objects that may clog or damage other appendages.

The coarse screen is the first (main) barrier in the “screening system”, designed to resist and remove all large to relatively small contaminants from the open channel inlet.

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