Screening Washer Screw Compactor

The screening washer screw compactor cleans, compacts and dehydrates wastewater screen captured debris for ultra-clean discharge. The unit combines a conveyor, compactor and dewaterer in one unit, and the clean dewatered screen debris can be discharged directly into a dumpster or continuous bagging unit for easy disposal.

The wash press significantly reduces your transportation and disposal costs by reducing the weight and volume of screenings. The unit is low maintenance with a single auger design and efficient drive system that greatly reduces maintenance requirements and downtime.

Working principle

The washer compactor consists of a transfer chute made of stainless steel, a thick steel shaft auger, a compaction and dewatering discharge module, a return pipe for the press-out water and a drive unit. The unit operates when the feed screen is in operation and remains open for a period of time after the feed screen is closed. Screenings unloaded from the screening equipment are fed into the compactor, whereupon the auger moves the screenings forward and is cleaned. Next, the screenings continue to be moved forward by the auger into the compactor area where they are dewatered and compacted. The screenings then enter the pipeline, which moves them to the dumpster. The liquid from the cleaning and compaction is then transported back to the purification process through the screening channels.

The cleaned and compacted screen residue reduces the total volume and disposal costs. The inorganic material is captured and sent to a landfill, while the organic material is returned to the plant where it is used in downstream processes.


  • Rugged design and long-life components
  • Ability to transport screenings over long distances and dewater simultaneously
  • Automatic waste discharge
  • No dust emission because dust is contained in the waste
  • Totally enclosed, no contamination, no odor
  • Significantly reduces screen residue volume
  • Optional press area rinsing and screen cleaning available
  • BOD organic matter removal

Technical parameter

  • Specification: 150 mm – 500 mm
  • Rotational speed: 11 rpm
  • Material: SS304 /SS316
  • Capacity: 1 – 10 m³ / hour
  • Multiple parameters can be customized, please contact us

Industry applications

  • Industrial waste water
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Food processing and packaging
  • Paper industry
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Livestock breeding

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