Micro Screening

Micro Screening machine is a low-energy, small footprint screener that excels at removing solids from industrial process water and wastewater. Maintaining efficiency even at peak design flows, it enables operators to meet discharge requirements, increase efficiency and save money. Dramatically reduce the cost, footprint and energy consumption of industrial wastewater and process water treatment.

Microfilters or micro screens are widely used for wastewater treatment, with applications including primary and tertiary treatment as well as stormwater treatment.



Micro-screening is defined as the physical blockage of particles in a grid with a specific pore size. The pore size range is typically 15-60 µm

The smallest type of screening used in wastewater treatment is the microscreen. These screens are usually drum screens (drum filters). The drums are lined with filter fabric and have openings of 10 to 35 µm. The wastewater enters the drum and the trapped solid waste is collected and processed.

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