Fine Screen

Fine screening is a second mechanical pretreatment process that allows for finer separation of solid waste from raw water than coarse screening. Screens are typically in the range of 6 mm to 0.25 mm. Fine screen is automated most of the time due to motorization of the collection system by augers, screws, drums or scrapers.

The solid waste can then be discharged into the compaction system, resulting in weight/volume reduction and optimum dryness.



The typical opening size of a fine screen is 1 to 6 mm. They are typically used to remove substances that may cause operational and maintenance problems in downstream water treatment processes.

The mechanical fine screen consists of a robust steel frame and a strip filter that varies according to the required screening efficiency, allowing for automated screening.

Fine screen has an opening of less than 0.25 in. and are used to remove smaller solids than those retained in the bar rack. They are primarily used for water or wastewater containing little or no coarse solids.

The pitch of the fine screen is usually below 10 mm.

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