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The spiral screw screen is suitable for the separation of fine, medium and coarse solids in municipal and industrial wastewater pretreatment. The machine is installed in a self-supporting tank, consisting of a water tank with a hinged top cover with a safety microswitch and a vent. The screening area consists of a stainless steel screen basket with apertures from 2 to 10 mm in the case of perforated profiles and from 0.25 to 2 mm in the case of wedge wire profiles.

The screen basket is cleaned by reinforcing brushes that are bolted directly to the exterior of the conveyor screw. These reinforcing brushes are divided into several parts and can be easily replaced when worn. It rotates inside a transport tube which is coated with wear strips bolted directly onto it.

Spiral screw screens provide wastewater filtration and effluent transport in a practical and efficient manner that can significantly reduce the weight and volume of filtered waste (by up to 50%).

The Spiral Screen product line is available in a variety of models to meet specific application requirements. Depending on the application, two different versions are available: a spiral screen installed directly in the channel or a spiral screen supplied with the tank with liquid inlet and outlet flanges and a lateral bypass screen on request. For both models, you can choose the version with or without compaction zone. It is a multifunctional machine because it performs more operations, besides screening, it conveys debris, cleaning, compaction and discharge. The main advantages are the low initial investment costs and the minimal subsequent maintenance required.


  • High solids applications
  • Channel Mounting
  • Vertical Installation
  • In-Tank Mounting
  • Drum Channels
  • Drum Tanks
  • Self-Cleaning Screens
  • Compaction zone cleaning station
  • Optional cleaning station for screening and conveying zones

Industry applications

  • Water and wastewater: separation of different process solids from water, liquids or sludge
  • Chemical industry: plastics, paints, solvents, oils and fats
  • Beverage industry: breweries, breweries
  • Textile industry: tanneries, laundries
  • Food industry: fruit, vegetable, fish and meat processing

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