Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screen

The internally fed rotary drum screenn uses a rotating drum for effective fine screening of a wide range of materials in a simple and reliable design. The unit uses a cylindrical screen consisting of perforated metal, wedge-shaped wire or filter cloth and a weir system. As the material is fed into the inlet of the unit, it is distributed along the surface of the internal screen.

It is suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment as well as for pretreatment in MBR plants.

Working principle

The internal inlet rotary screen operates with minimal foot traffic. Influent enters through the inlet and flows into the flow-through slurry tank. The flow slurry tank fills and the influent forms a waterfall over the weir and touches the sides of the rotating cylindrical screen. As the inflow hits the rotating screen, the solids are trapped in the cylinder and the liquid passes through the screen into the process or continues for further treatment. A diverter on the cylinder moves the solids along the length of the screen for discharge. The unit is equipped with a spray bar for cleaning the screen. The screen is equipped with a bypass nozzle to prevent filter overflow.


  1. High solids capture efficiency
  2. External spray bars and brushes prevent solids buildup on the surface
  3. Fully adjustable and replaceable pivot without removing the screen barrel
  4. Screen design without running seals
  5. Low energy consumption and reduced maintenance

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