PP filter presses (polypropylene filter presses) have become one of the indispensable equipment in the water treatment industry due to their excellent chemical resistance, strength and flexibility.

Working principle of PP filter press

PP filter press is an efficient solid-liquid separation equipment, which separates solid particles from liquid through filter plate, filter cloth and pressure system. Its working process is as follows:

  • Feeding: The suspension to be treated is pumped into the filter chamber through the feeding pump.
  • Filtration: Under the action of the filter plate and filter cloth, solid particles are retained on the surface of the filter cloth, and the filtrate is discharged through the discharge holes of the filter cloth and filter plate.
  • Pressing: The hydraulic system presses the filter plate and the filter frame to ensure the sealing of the filter chamber and prevent leakage.
  • Unloading: After the filtration is completed, the hydraulic system loosens the filter plate, and the solid filter cake falls down, completing the unloading.

The types of PP filter presses are as follows:

Plate and Frame Filter Press product 01
Plate and Frame Filter Press product 01
chamber filter press product 02
chamber filter press product 02
automatic filter press product 01
automatic filter press product 01
belt filter press product 02
belt filter press product 02

PP material parts for PP filter presses

  • Filter plates
  • Filter frames
  • Pipes and valves
  • Filter cloth clamps
  • Filtrate collection tank and drip tray

Advantages of PP filter press

  • Strong corrosion resistance: PP material has excellent acid and alkali resistance, suitable for handling various corrosive media, especially in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Lightweight structure: PP filter plate and frame are lighter compared with metal material, which is easy to install and operate, and at the same time reduces the overall weight of the equipment.
  • Efficient filtration: PP filter plate is reasonably designed with uniform pore size distribution, which can realize efficient solid-liquid separation and high solid content of filter cake.
  • Easy operation: modern PP filter presses are usually equipped with automated control systems, which are easy to operate, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: PP material can be recycled and utilized, which meets the requirements of environmental protection, and at the same time, the equipment operates with low energy consumption, which has a good energy-saving effect.

Application areas of PP filter presses

Industrial wastewater treatment
PP filter press is widely used in various industrial wastewater treatment, such as electroplating wastewater, textile dyeing and finishing wastewater and paper wastewater. Its excellent corrosion resistance and efficient solid-liquid separation capability ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of wastewater treatment.

Municipal wastewater treatment
In municipal wastewater treatment plants, PP filter presses are mainly used for sludge dewatering. Its high efficient filtration capacity and reliable operation performance help to reduce sludge volume and sludge treatment and disposal cost.

Chemical industry
In the chemical industry, PP filter presses are commonly used to treat various chemical solutions and waste liquids. Its acid and alkali corrosion resistance enables it to cope with a variety of complex chemical media, ensuring the smooth running of the production process.

Food processing industry
In food processing, PP filter press is used for juice clarification, syrup filtration and other processes. Its efficient filtration capacity and safe material properties ensure the quality and hygiene standards of food processing.

Maintenance and care of PP filter presses

  • Regular inspection of filter cloths and plates
  • Keep the hydraulic system clean
  • Clean equipment surfaces
  • Check seals


With its excellent performance and wide range of applications, PP filter press has become an indispensable and important equipment in the water treatment industry.

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