Filter presses are industrial equipment used to separate solid and liquid mixtures. They are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for clarifying drug solutions, separating antibiotics, and extracting other active ingredients.

Working Principle of Filter Press

A filter press works by pumping the material to be separated into a closed chamber. The material is then pressed against a filter plate or cloth by pressure. The liquid is discharged through the plate or cloth, while the solids are retained in the chamber.

Filter Press Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Clarifying drug solutions: Filter presses can be used to remove impurities and particles from drug solutions, making them purer.
Separation of antibiotics: Filter presses can be used to separate antibiotics from fermentation broths.
Extraction of other active ingredients: Filter presses can be used to extract other active ingredients from plant and animal materials.

Clarifiers In Combination With Filter Presses

The clarifier is a device designed to remove suspended solid particles from a liquid. It separates solids from liquids mainly by centrifugal force or gravity.

Advantages of The Combination of Clarifiers and Filter Presses

  • Multi-stage separation: The combination of a clarifier and a filter press can more effectively remove solid particles and improve the purity of the liquid through a multi-stage separation process.
  • Improved Processing Efficiency: The clarifier initially removes most of the solid particles, reducing the load on the filter press and improving overall processing efficiency.
  • Extend equipment life: The clarifier reduces wear and clogging of the filter press, extending its service life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Reduced waste disposal: A higher concentration of solid particles in the filter cake reduces the difficulty and cost of waste disposal.
  • Improved product quality: The purity and quality of the product are significantly improved through more efficient solid-liquid separation.

Advantages In the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • High Pressing Force: Provides high pressing force to increase filtration efficiency and minimize solids.
  • Airtight design: Airtight design prevents product leakage and contamination.
  • Easy to Clean: Designed to be easy to clean, reducing maintenance requirements.
  • FDA Compliant: FDA compliant for use in the production of pharmaceuticals.

Key Considerations for Selection

Material compatibility
Filter press materials must be able to resist the chemical corrosion of pharmaceutical ingredients and solvents to prevent contamination and equipment damage and to ensure that the materials used do not release harmful substances.
Filtration efficiency and precision
Filter presses should be able to effectively separate solids and liquids to ensure the clarity of the filtrate and the dryness of the filter cake. Select the appropriate filter cloth or paper to meet the specific filtration needs
Capacity and production scale
Select a filter press with appropriate processing capacity according to the production scale to meet the production demand. Select a filter press that can be expanded or downsized to accommodate changes in production scale.
Automation and control
Efficient control systems monitor and regulate the filtration process to ensure optimal performance and product quality.
Maintenance and durability
Select filter presses that are easy to clean and maintain. The equipment should have long service life and durable components to minimize the frequency of replacement and operating costs.

Types of filter presses

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Plate and frame filter press has a simple structure, the filter plate, and frame can be disassembled separately, easy to clean. High filtration precision, used for preliminary separation and concentration of pharmaceutical ingredients, suitable for handling suspensions with large particles.

Plate and Frame Filter Press product 02
Plate and Frame Filter Press product 02

Chamber Filter Press

chamber filter press
chamber filter press

Chamber filter presses have high filtration efficiency and can withstand high pressure. They are usually equipped with automated systems to reduce manual intervention. Able to form a dryer cake for easy handling. Used for pharmaceutical processes requiring high pressure filtration and for handling viscous drug suspensions.

Membrane Filter Press

The membrane filter press further presses the filter cake through diaphragm squeezing, with fast filtration speed and improved dewatering effect. The formed filter cake is drier and reduces the difficulty of subsequent processing. It is used for pharmaceutical processes that require fine filtration and solid-liquid separation of drugs and strict control of the water content of the filter cake.

membrane filter press product 02
membrane filter press product 02

Automatic Filter Press

automatic filter press product 01
automatic filter press product 01

Automatic filter press is highly automated and equipped with PLC control system to realize fully automatic operation. The automation system ensures continuous and efficient operation and reduces manual intervention. Used for efficient filtration in large-scale drug production processes.

Stainless Steel Filter Press

Stainless steel filter press has strong corrosion resistance, adopting stainless steel material, good corrosion and pollution resistance. Meet the strict sanitary requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Suitable for handling pharmaceutical solutions sensitive to metal ions.

stainless steel filter press product 01
stainless steel filter press product 01

Filter presses play an irreplaceable role in the pharmaceutical industry, helping pharmaceutical companies to improve product quality and productivity through efficient solid-liquid separation, adapting to stringent hygiene standards, a wide range of product types, and cost-effective and environmentally friendly performance.

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