Mining filtration filter press is an indispensable key equipment in mineral processing, which separates solid particles from liquid in the slurry through pressure action to improve mineral recovery, reduce production costs, and protect the environment.

How mining filter press works?

Feeding stage:

  • The slurry enters the filter chamber of the Mining Filter Press through the feed pipe.
  • The filter chamber is equipped with a filter plate and a filter cloth. The holes in the filter plate allow the liquid to pass through, while the solid particles are blocked by the filter cloth.

Filtration stage:

  • When the slurry enters the filter chamber, pressure is applied to the slurry, which encourages the water to pass through the filter cloth, while the solid particles are retained on the filter cloth to form a cake.
  • The function of filtration is to completely separate the solid particles from the liquid, making the filtered liquid clear and transparent and reducing the content of solid particles.

Pressing stage:

  • When the filter cake in the filter chamber reaches a certain thickness, a pressing operation is required to further reduce the moisture content in the cake.
  • In the pressing stage, the water in the filter cake is squeezed out by applying more pressure, making the cake drier and increasing the solids content.

Discharge stage:

  • After filtration and pressing the solid cookies can be discharged by opening the discharge valve.
  • The discharge stage is where the filtered solids are discharged from the filter chamber for subsequent processing and utilization.

Mining filter presses in mining production

Slag treatment:
The slag produced in the metallurgical ore refining process contains a large number of solid particles and liquids, which require solid-liquid separation treatment.

Ore slurry thickening:
Slurry thickening is an important process in mining production, by increasing the content of solid particles in the slurry and reducing the water content, it achieves the purpose of improving the ore grade and reducing the transportation cost.

Tailings processing:
During mining production, the tailings produced contain a large amount of solid waste and residual liquids that need to be treated and cleaned.

Wastewater treatment:
Wastewater generated during mining production contains a variety of solid particles and pollutants that need to be treated and cleaned.

Other application scenarios:
Mining Filter Press can also be used to treat various mining wastes and products such as coal gangue, ore dressing waste, ore dressing slurry, etc., to realize the recycling of resources and the protection of the environment.

Are there any requirements for filter media in mining filter presses?

  • Appropriate pore size and porosity
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Easy to clean
Mining Belt Filter Press
Mining Belt Filter Press
Mining industry filter slurry in filter presses
Mining industry filter slurry in filter presses

What are typical mining filter presses?

Plate and frame filter press: It is a commonly used filtration equipment, which consists of filter plate and filter frame, and realizes solid-liquid separation through the pressure difference between plate and frame.

Membrane filter press: on the basis of plate and frame filter press, the elastic membrane is added to realize solid-liquid separation through the deformation and return of the membrane, and the filtration effect is better.

Plate and Frame Filter Press product 02
Plate and Frame Filter Press product 02
membrane filter press product 02
membrane filter press product 02

Chamber filter press: It is a kind of closed filter press equipment, which is suitable for processing a large amount of slurry and can realize continuous operation.

Belt filter press: The slurry is evenly distributed on the belt filter media, and filtration and dewatering are realized through belt movement and pressure difference.

chamber filter press product 01
chamber filter press product 01
belt filter press product 02
belt filter press product 02

Centrifugal filter press: using centrifugal force to accelerate the solid-liquid separation process, suitable for processing small particles, low suspended solids content of the slurry.

Vacuum filter: Utilizes a negative pressure area to draw water out, suitable for processing viscous slurries and where low temperature drying is required.

How to maintain and care for mining filter press?

  • Regular cleaning: Clean the filter chamber, filter plate, and filter cloth to prevent solid particles from clogging and maintain filtration efficiency.
  • Regular lubrication: Lubricate the moving parts of the equipment to ensure smooth operation and reduce wear and tear.
  • Inspect and replace seals: Inspect seals, gaskets, etc. regularly to prevent leakage.
  • Regular maintenance and overhaul: Carry out regular maintenance according to the maintenance plan, including replacement of wearing parts, to extend the life of the equipment.


Mining filter press plays a vital role in mining production, which can not only efficiently realize solid-liquid separation of ore slurry and improve the quality and yield of products, but also effectively deal with wastewater and waste residue and reduce environmental pollution. By choosing suitable filtering equipment and filtering media, combined with proper operation and maintenance, stable operation and long-term use of the equipment can be realized, providing a reliable guarantee for mining production.

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