Multi Rake Bar Screen

The multi-rake bar screen is an efficient, proven screening technology for removing inorganic solids that may be harmful to downstream equipment in municipal and industrial applications.

The heavy-duty design provides durability and long life under the harshest conditions. High removal efficiency and low head loss is achieved by multiple rakes cleaning the screen and rake teeth penetrating the rod openings to aggressively remove captured material. Continuous cleaning with multiple rakes has the benefit of rapid debris removal for high screen load applications in treatment plant heads, pump stations or combined sewer systems.

Working principle

The multi rake bar screen is assembled into a set of rotary grate chain by a unique rake tooth plant. Under the drive of motor reducer, the rake teeth chain carries out rotary movement against the direction of water flow.

When the rake teeth chain runs to the upper part of the equipment, due to the guidance of the groove wheel and bent rail, so that each group of rake teeth between the relative self-cleaning movement, the majority of solids fall by gravity. The other part relies on the reverse motion of the sweeper to clean the debris stuck on the rake teeth.

According to the water flow direction rake teeth chain is similar to the screen, in the rake teeth chain shaft assembly rake teeth gap can be selected according to the conditions of use. When the rake teeth to the fluid in the solid suspended matter separation can ensure that the water flow smoothly through. The entire work process is continuous, but also intermittent.


  • All stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • Minimum clearances required above the operating floor
  • Rectangular or trapezoidal screen bars
  • Durable stainless steel roller chain
  • Replaceable rake teeth
  • Maintenance-free lower chain guide or optional lower sprocket assembly
  • Auto-reverse feature clears obstructions in case of blockage
  • Very low head loss – high separation efficiency
  • Clear engagement of the cleaning rake with the rod holder ensures high operational reliability
  • Screens can be installed without bottom step
  • Completely odor-proof screen with easily removable cover
  • Easy retrofitting into existing channels, can be installed without channel recesses
  • Unobstructed by gravel or grit
  • High screen discharge capacity through adjustable cleaning elements
  • Individually replaceable rake and comb plates

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